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Sakthivel Prabakar
Sakthivel Prabakar
I will recommend. Good service 👍
Subodha Ranaweera
Subodha Ranaweera
Thanks for your excellent service ...! I would like to strongly recommend you to any one those who need your service.
Gamitha Liyanage
Gamitha Liyanage
Highly recommended. Great service.
sahan marapana
sahan marapana
Best documentation of guides. Quick response to support over tickets and WhatsApp chat. All genuine Win10, Office and AutoCAD which I have purchased.
Fareed Rifaideen (Fawaz4sl)
Fareed Rifaideen (Fawaz4sl)
I bought Office 2021 and Office 365. Works fine. Received assistance with setup (Phone, WhatsApp, and Ticket). Easy to buy online. There's no problem with the products. Hope to receive their services in the future, and will come back for further review later.

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Antivirus & security software

Provide immunity to your devices from cyber threats. Choose from wide range of antivirus software from brands like Norton, Kaspersky, Quick heal & more.

Why pay more money for software products when it is much cheaper with techubiz.com?

Many companies and freelancers shy away from spending money on expensive current or even older versions of MS Office, server programs and licenses – we have the solution: used software from techubiz.com. With this you often save a multiple of the original manufacturer’s price and get a full version of the desired software – without restrictions on the range of functions or the period of use.

The legal resale of already used software licenses makes it possible: Benefit from the economically advantageous possibility to use Microsoft Used Software on your end devices with techubiz.com – without subscription. This allows you to purchase special business editions and professional individual applications that are otherwise only available to large companies or as volume licenses.

And if you simply want to cover or extend your need for client access licenses (CALs) – in the techubiz Software Shop you only purchase exactly as many CALs as you actually need. This makes the licensing of your server software particularly affordable.

Your advantages when buying software with Techubiz.com:

✅ Large selection of Microsoft software in many versions and editions

✅ Customized licensing by cores or with CALs

✅ Expert advice on your individual software and licensing needs

✅ Legally compliant, secure software purchase with money-back guarantee

✅ Practical instant download of software and CALs

✅ Immediate use of software or activation of access licenses

Large selection, small price – Original Microsoft Software from Techubiz.com

techubiz.com makes it worthwhile for you to upgrade to the next software level of Microsoft programs – because with us you pay considerably less than with many other software dealers From the Microsoft Office package or individual applications to Windows operating systems and server software to tools for developers, project management and diagram design – whether in the current or an earlier version, including client access licenses – techubiz.com has them all!

Microsoft Office – the essential office software for all tasks

Office Suites from Microsoft are an indispensable part of the modern office: professional writing of texts in Word, complex calculations for budget planning or the analysis of data with Excel, the creation of vivid presentations in PowerPoint, the organization of e-mails and contacts in Outlook or the development of company-specific database applications in Access as well as other tools – one of the powerful Office programs is available for every task. Depending on the edition, you can also use additional functions, including real-time collaboration in the cloud and barrier-free cross-company communication.

Office Buy single programs

Would you like to use only Word, Excel or another single application from a Office suite? At techubiz.com you have the possibility to buy single Office-programs. Of course, this also applies to Mac versions.

Windows Operating systems – the powerful engine for your computer

With Microsoft Windows you use the resources of your end device particularly efficiently. The innovative operating system combines many practical functions with a high level of user-friendliness through intuitive operation, complemented by a modern, clear look. In addition, Windows apps and features can also be used on many mobile devices It doesn’t always have to be the very latest: If you want to continue using an older version of Windows Server, you can also find various predecessor versions of Windows 10 in the techubiz Software Shop.

Microsoft server software – the right basis for every business sector

The management of services and employees, complex queries of data servers, the coordination of e-mails, contacts and tasks or the provision of services and information in the cloud – Microsoft has the right server software for every task – available from techubiz.com.

Windows Server – the versatile server software for network management and protection

The proven server operating system Windows Server offers companies of all sizes a versatile, powerful platform that provides a wide range of data, programs and services for all company-relevant tasks and daily business applications – locally and in the cloud. Administrators benefit from comprehensive employee management and network monitoring capabilities to protect data from unauthorized access. Because of its high reliability, Windows Server is also used in critical business areas where compliance with legal as well as internal data protection standards is of great importance.

Microsoft SQL Server – create meaningful analyses and insights of your databases

SQL Server, the relational database management system from Microsoft, forms an important basis for providing and managing large quantities of data for queries, even from different sources. SQL Server provides powerful functions on a uniform user interface for business-critical applications that can be used in hybrid environments as well as on local servers or in public clouds.

Microsoft Exchange Server – for managing e-mail, contacts and appointments

Exchange Server from Microsoft is used as a standard in many companies and organizations as a proven groupware solution: the intelligent e-mail transport server software is not only used for sending and receiving as well as archiving e-mails, but also for managing contacts and appointments and organizing daily business tasks. Thus, the use of Exchange Server is an important prerequisite for coordinating projects and working together efficiently, especially in larger operating environments

Core or CAL? You have the choice!

techubiz.com offers the appropriate licensing to Windows servers for companies of any size. Whether Windows, SQL or Exchange Server plus Remote Desktop Services: The Microsoft licensing system contains different licensing options depending on the edition. It is easy to lose the overview At techubiz.com you will find the right licensing model for your server software – including competent advice. This way you save money twice: with a tailor-made licensing without unnecessary additional costs and in addition with the low-priced licenses – whether core-based or as CALs/server license. With techubiz.com you are always correctly and inexpensively licensed.

Using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services with CALs

With the Remote Desktop Services from Microsoft (Terminal Services) administrators manage the remote access of employees to the server services in a company. In doing so, Windows programs including the graphical desktops can be made available on PCs or other end devices without having to install them locally. The server performance can also be used via RDS, so that the cost-saving use of ThinClients or ZeroClients is possible Updates can also be carried out centrally with the Remote Desktop Services, which significantly reduces the administrative effort. The use of Remote Desktop Services is CAL-based.

Powerful developer tools from Microsoft

From the development of apps and desktop applications to project management and the professional design of clear diagrams – with Visual Studio, Project and Visio, Microsoft provides powerful programs. And with techubiz, their use becomes especially affordable!

Microsoft Visual Studio – the popular developer tool for programming apps

Whether apps for Android or iOS, desktops, the web or the cloud – Visual Studio is one of the most used developer tools to implement your ideas and concepts. The Microsoft’s own development environment contains many practical tools for this purpose and also enables the use of many other high-level programming languages. IntelliSense speeds up the writing of code with suggestions, fast diagnostic tools and instant debugging as well as the easy navigation enable efficient programming.

Microsoft Project – keeping you organized

This powerful project management tool is an indispensable partner for organizing especially complex, demanding tasks including the coordination of teamwork. With Microsoft Project, you can master any challenge and lead any business project to success. The software combines practical features such as chat, meetings and file sharing as well as other useful functions to work together efficiently and productively, even over long distances.

Microsoft Visio – for the professional creative design of programs

Microsoft Visio is the widely used software for creating meaningful flowcharts. Many tools such as template layouts, shapes as well as possibilities for automatic formatting facilitate the intuitive design of charts, organization charts, construction plans and other diagram types, which are available to you in the familiar Office environment Links to a SQL server or spreadsheets based on it keep Keep flowcharts up to date with real-time data as soon as you or your team update them – Microsoft Visio’s cloud compatibility makes it possible.

Get the benefits of Microsoft applications on a Mac too

At techubiz.com, Mac users who also want to take advantage of the benefits and functions of Microsoft programs will also find what they are looking for. In the software shop you will find the available software versions for macOS – also at a particularly favourable price.

Microsoft programs and licenses – Wiresoft is your reliable partner for software purchases

With techubiz you profit from the significantly lower prices of used software and licenses compared to the original price. You do not take any risk – neither legally nor with regard to the usability of the products: The resale of software products is in accordance with the law and therefore completely legal. Therefore a possible software audit is no problem techubiz.com exclusively sells full versions of the offered programs – i.e. without any restrictions regarding functionality or duration of use. You do not have to pay for a subscription and you can use the software for an unlimited period of time. The products offered by techubiz.com come from volume licenses or are single licenses from European companies and have been tested for 100% usability. A license key required for activation is not used by third parties.

You do not know exactly which program in which version or edition and how many licenses you actually need or you have further questions about Microsoft software from techubiz.com? Contact our team in the chat, or call us or write us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you!