Return policy & refund Policy

  • We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these products and services and their potential for our buyers.
  • is committed to providing our buyers great quality products at affordable prices.
  • Product Key is currently delivered via email only. After your purchase has been approved we will process your order. Orders are typically processed within one (1) hour but could take as long as twenty-four (24) hours to deliver. Once your order is complete we will send you a confirmation email with your Product Key at the email address which you provided on our order form.

PLEASE NOTE: Product Key come under “DIGITAL PRODUCT” once delivered through email it cannot be returned back because it’s not a Physical Product which can be re-soled to other user, So “No Refund” is an issue however for our customers we have Refund Policy and they are us follow:

Please make sure you keep this key with you in a safe place as we have delivered the license key we do not allow customers to refund or cancel.  

Every product come with one year warranty and after in case we do not provide any replacement or refund 

No Refund in the below cases:

    • The buyer places the wrong order without reading the complete product description and the product key is already been delivered through email.
    • The buyer fails to download the software file due to a poor internet connection.
    • The buyer fails to download & install the software due to a lack of technical knowledge.
    • Product Key fails to activate on buyers computer system then will issue new Product Key through email in a given time period, Buyer has to send Full-Screen Screenshot which must include Error Window,  Current Date and Time and mail it to
    • Buyers have only 15-days from the date of purchase to inform us regarding Product Key activation failure, after 15-Days from the date of purchase no New Product Key will be issued in any circumstances.
    • for 3rd party domain Office 365 account –  no refund for Password forget after the first password changed

Phone method Activation for Microsoft Office activation 

    • if you have used a cracked tool for office activation previously in your pc. please use Microsoft’s support tool and clean it. then request again. . if you request with the cracked license your key will be blocked by Microsoft. We do not provide any warranty or refund in this case, for more information: 0769136424
    • office 2019 pro plus  – phone method – Activation onetime only 
    • phone method activation keys reactivate minimum 2 times in the same device, we do not provide any support or replacement key for your any more reactivation
    • after 3 months, we do not provide any warranty or refund for pre-activated software and tools

Refund in the below cases:

  • Refund will be issued if fails to deliver the Product Key through email then an Automatic Refund is processed.
  • for 3rd party domain Office 365 account –  domain not working, subscription disable case
  • Any subscription account not working within 1 year – Lynda, 365, VPN, Jetbeain, Github

Refund Time

  • It may take up to 1-3 business days to initiate the refund. Once the refund is processed it will take 2-14 business days depending on the buyers bank or service provider to get the refund amount transfer to their Payment Source (Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account or Wallet) through which the payment was made.