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Buy Microsoft used software at techubiz at a lower price

At techubiz you will find many current, but also older Microsoft software programs as used software in the software shop. With identical functional range Used Software is many times cheaper than the same as new offered products. Also for the activation and the use on one computer the same conditions apply.

The significant price advantage of techubiz’s used software makes such software editions affordable for buyers, which offer even more individual programs and functions than the usual Standard; moreover, some of them are not offered at all in regular shops for private users as single licenses, but are only available for major customers in a license package. The used software offer of techubiz offers the possibility to buy them also as single user version.

From time to time you can read on the web that trading with used licenses is not allowed or that non-serious providers offer used software that does not work because the license key comes from a dubious source and therefore has been blocked by Microsoft.

You can be sure: Your purchase of Microsoft used software is absolutely legal and also safe with techubiz – you will always receive a 100% functional original product, which has been thoroughly tested by us before the sale. Below you can read everything about the advantages of buying used software and the reasons why it is actually legal, which has been explicitly confirmed by German and European courts.

Where does Microsoft used software come from?

So-called used software usually comes from companies with a larger number of employees who use Microsoft software programs. This software can be declared as “used” when reselling for several reasons: On the one hand, it is a surplus of software or software licenses of the company which become free because jobs are cut or restructured; on the other hand, it is often the case that older versions of a software are no longer supported by a system changeover, which does not affect their general functionality, for example in case of an update of the operating system, or even if a completely different software is used throughout the company. Likewise, software licenses are often no longer used in the context of insolvencies and are therefore sold. Frequently, used software is also really unused because of surplus licenses that come from a volume license.

What does the term used software actually mean?

In contrast to almost all other goods, software does not wear out but at most becomes obsolete because it is no longer supported by a newer operating system, but this does not change its actual functionality. Even the fact that the used software is available on a physical data carrier such as a CD or DVD which is subject to wear and tear does not change the fact that the software contained on it is not affected by it itself.

The term used software or used software therefore does not refer to any signs of wear and tear of the program in question, but rather to the fact that it originates from a previous owner who purchased it from a dealer. The previous buyer then either actually installed it on a computer and used it after its activation, but deleted it again before reselling it, including all copies, so that the new buyer could use it freely again, or the new buyer never installed or activated it. This is the case, for example, if it comes from a volume license that is designed for more workstations than actually exist in a company, because volume licenses are only offered in certain fixed scales.

Many advantages for customers buying Microsoft used software

The purchase of used software from a reputable dealer like techubiz offers you as a customer only advantages, because you also have the possibility to purchase expensive program editions or program editions that are only available for private customers in a limited number and at a particularly low price as purchase versions that are also free of other subscription obligations.

In addition to the latest program versions of MS Office, server software and operating systems, techubiz also offers a number of older versions of these programs. These are often no longer available from conventional dealers or directly from Microsoft in order to encourage customers to switch to the latest products.

However, many users prefer an older edition of e.g. Office – either because they are familiar and fully satisfied with the included functions and the system, or because their computer is not equipped for an update and the cost of purchasing new hardware would be too high.

Therefore, techubiz‘s offer of used software offers an economic possibility to save money not only for private users, but also for self-employed persons and smaller companies.

Is the trade with pre-owned software legal at all?

If you buy a program from techubiz as used software, you can be sure that neither you nor techubiz are in a legal grey area or even violate valid legal regulations. Both the resale and the purchase of a used single user license or a used (or unused) single user license from a volume license are legal.

This is possible because the exclusive right to distribute the software expires with the first sale by Microsoft as the manufacturer. This has been confirmed by several decisions of the German Federal Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice, which clearly allow the resale of used software.

Applicable case law on the trade with used software

If individual traders or persons nevertheless warn against the purchase of used software with the argument that this is illegal and would be prosecuted, you as techubiz customer can be sure that this assertion does not at all correspond to the valid jurisdiction. This also means that possible contract clauses prohibiting the trade with used licenses are without legal effect. For the free trade with used software there are the following court decisions:

Basic rulings by BGH and ECJ on the trade with Microsoft used software

In a landmark decision of 6 July 2000 (Case No. I ZR 244/97), the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH), based on the principle of exhaustion of the German Copyright Act (UrhG), ruled as follows that software can be legally resold at any time if its producer has sold it for the first time with his consent – which means that Microsoft sells it of its own free will (in order to earn money with it as a company, of course) The manufacturer thus only benefits once from the sale of his product. This ruling relates to a lawsuit brought by Microsoft against the resale of OEM software, the sale of which was contractually bound to new hardware, but was sold by the intermediary in question without it.

In its ruling of July 3, 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) underlined this decision once again, which means that trading with used software is also permitted throughout Europe.

The so-called principle of exhaustion is decisive for the jurisdiction when trading with used software

In all the reasons for judgements in this respect, which legalise the trade with used software, the legal concept of the principle of exhaustion from the German Copyright Act (UrhG) is the central point. According to § 69 c No. 3 sentence 2 UrhG, a manufacturer’s right to distribute his product – in this case software – is exhausted from the time when it is first lawfully put into circulation with his consent, which means that it was sold by Microsoft. The author then no longer has any influence on whether the first buyer resells the purchased product, for example as used software. This situation applies not only in Germany, but also in the entire internal market of the European Union or the European Economic Community (so-called Community-wide exhaustion).

Microsoft itself later confirmed these rulings and subsequently relaxed its own license terms. If, for example, it was previously mandatory to conclude a Software Assurance (SA) contract for maintenance when purchasing the Enterprise version of server software, this is no longer mandatory.

The principle of exhaustion also applies to software downloads

The principle of exhaustion also includes used software that was not purchased as a physical data carrier, but is installed via download with a product key. This fact is clearly expressed in the reasons for the decision in the proceedings on 17 July 2013 by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) (file number I ZR 129/08). As a result, the right to sell software extends not only to the original download of the first purchaser, but also to such copies made for the purpose of resale. Such copies could be made, for example, when splitting a volume license. This does not require the consent of the first seller, i.e. Microsoft. If you as a buyer purchase Microsoft software in the techubiz software shop and download a license as used software, you and techubiz are doing a legally legal business.

Supplementary provisions for the trade with used software in the EU

Microsoft can therefore not object to the regular resale of software in Germany or the EU, because in Germany or the EU the company is bound by the German jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Justice and the rulings of the European Court of Justice. Outside the EU, however, a different jurisdiction may apply.

When trading with used software, however, it must be ensured that this software has actually been deleted or uninstalled on the computer of the original user and that the license key required for the activation of exactly this used software is not used on two end devices at the same time.

Security when buying software

Nevertheless, you should only trust a reputable dealer when buying used software. In order for a used software to work properly on your device, you must be sure that it is really only used by yourself. On the other hand, you should be able to trust that the license  key required for activation is actually valid. Otherwise Microsoft will deactivate the software on your PC.

The background is the following: Many used software licenses originate from a volume license that was split into individual licenses before resale. This procedure is legally valid and also covered by the above mentioned court decisions. The single license is then activated with a so-called Multi-Activation-Key (MAK), which is valid for exactly the number of licenses defined in the original volume license – but not for any more.

Some providers, however, disguise this condition, so that you may experience a rude awakening with a supposedly “super cheap bargain”, because the maximum allowed number has already been exceeded and the license key has then been blocked by Microsoft.

When buying used software with techubiz, you can always be sure that each license key used to activate the product you have purchased really works and that you can use your newly purchased program for an unlimited time and to its full extent, because with us as your partner you are always on the safe side!

Buy Microsoft used software cheaply at techubiz – a sure thing

The software shop of techubiz contains a large offer of single user licenses, the used software of the most different Microsoft programs – from over up to current – and much more …

Your techubiz advantages when buying used software:

  • First of all, you will save a multiple of the normal price – but you will get the same range of functions as with new products.
  • techubiz sells only those used software licenses and programs which are purchase versions and therefore have an unlimited period of use, and which do not oblige to expensive updates.
  • Besides the current versions of many Microsoft programs, you will also find many proven older versions in the techubiz software shop, as well as individual MS Office programs as used software.
  • Every offered used software is checked by techubiz with the greatest care for originality and completeness before sale.
  • After the completed purchase, the software is immediately available for download and can be easily installed and fully used.
  • For Microsoft server systems, CALs are also available as used techubiz at a favourable price.
  • With the offer of used single licenses especially smaller companies can exactly extend or adapt their needs at any time.
  • Microsoft used software from techubiz is audit-proof.

If you have further questions about buying used software in the techubiz Shop, please contact us by e-mail, phone or here in the chat.