Since you have entered the “Warranties” section, then you have ambiguities about our store. We understand this, everyone takes care of their money and we try to protect our customers as much as possible from unpleasant force majeure

We always try to meet our customers halfway, and therefore we suggest contacting technical support during the entire warranty period to all our customers if you have any problems with the goods purchased from us.
We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible, and if you provide additional information that the purchase was made with us, we will be happy to solve your problem.


Our store operates on the basis of the instant payment service stripe,payhere and onepay

This is a service for accepting payments with simultaneous transfer of the paid goods or services. With the help of this service  our store accepts absolutely all payments. This service has been operating since 2004 and is one of the most proven resources providing instant payment via electronic payments.


Our store has a verified SSL Certificate.

Such a certificate is needed for sites that work with payment systems and with personal data. With such a certificate, the user can be sure that his data and funds from the electronic wallet will not get to third parties. The service stripe also has this certificate, through which we make payments.

Product guarantees:

All our products have free warranty technical support for 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty is valid for the operability of the activation of the application, accordingly, we recommend activating the purchased product no later than 1 year from the date of purchase. And also, if the product is distributed by subscription, the warranty cannot be longer than the subscription period. The conditions for the replacement of goods and refund are discussed below in this article.

In case of any problems related to the purchased goods in our store, a warranty case may be considered in which the buyer must provide:

1) Tell your email address from which the purchase was made, or the account number.
2) It is advisable to provide a screenshot and a full description of the problem (error). If you can t take screenshots, or there is no such possibility, you need to provide a description of the error exactly what you have written on the monitor screen, i.e. what the program itself gives out after an activation attempt.


Technical support response time:

The technical support response time is determined by GMT+5.30.

From 8:00 to 23:30 is from 30 seconds to 24 hours, depending on the workload of the technical support operator. From 23:30 to 08:00, the operators response time can be up to 8 hours.


Product replacement and refund:


1. If the sold key turned out to be inoperable in terms of its activation during its guaranteed period, subject to the customers compliance with the rules of use of the goods (for example, it did not exceed the permissible number of activations of one key), and if we do not have a replacement within 3 days after the buyers request, we refund the money.
2. If the key sold initially turned out to be inoperable and we cannot provide a replacement for it within 3 days, then the funds are returned to the buyer.
3. If by mistake you were sold a key from another product, the key is replaced with the right one, or a refund is made.
4. Minimum refund period according to the rules of the payment system 


Cases when the product is removed from warranty service:


– The buyer did not provide reliable information about the purchase made in our techubiz store, i.e. the email address that was specified during payment, or the account number.
– Violation of the rules of use of the product, for example, exceeding the indication of the number of PCs on which the key can be activated. In this case, the key may be blocked by the manufacturer itself and we cannot provide you with a guarantee for it.
– The warranty period has expired since the purchase of the product.
– Refund at the request of the client (if you changed your mind, bought the wrong product by mistake, etc.), we sell one product (activation key) in one hand and for one person. Our products have a clear description and name, please be careful with the choice of the necessary product before buying. If you have doubts about whether the product is right for you, you can contact our round-the-clock technical support in the chat in the lower right corner of the window, or by e-mail support@techubiz.com . We will tell you and answer all your questions.